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New series!

Posted by Kaya Mae on November 21, 2011 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I've written a new series called ' Maya's World '. I hope you guys check it out. Im still working on Red Patch, and I think I'll be changing the name of that too + I'm writing a novel that I dont know if I will continue writing, called ' Mystery P.I. Lost in Los Angeles '. If you guys want to read a sample of ' Maya's World ' let me know on the ' Shout Out ' page!

Kaya's Books Open Now!

Posted by Kaya Mae on November 1, 2011 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Its been a long time since the "Kaya's Books" page was locked. Now we've opened it back up just for you guys! You can read the whole book at www.BigUniverse.com for $ 99.00 only! Once you pay $ 99.00 you will get a 1 year Membership. Enjoy!


Everything Kaya App!

Posted by Kaya Mae on August 29, 2011 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Soon there will be an Everything Kaya App that everyone can download from the App Store, and Android Market. It will come out in a few years from now, probably year 2019. Look out for it soon... and when it's just come out you know i'm gonna post about it on my Blog! I mean like everyones got their own apps out there, so I figured I should get one too! Enjoy it while it lasts for FREE! <3


xoxo Kayaaa

Time Tangled Island Walkthrough

Posted by Kaya Mae on August 28, 2011 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey Guys! I had so much fun on the summer vacation, and now BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING! Can't wait though. Today I posted a VIDEO that all my F.A.N.Z been asking for... Was this vid helpful? For more info just check out > http://poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/time-tangled-island-walkthrough/ <

xoxo Kayaaa

KM icons

Posted by Kaya Mae on August 17, 2011 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys! If your a BIG BIG BIG fan then guess what? You can copy the icons on the F.A.N page and add them as your display picture or whatever. You can even make a BG with them! If you want more, just contact me on the 'Shout Out' page! Maybe you even want your own like "Kaya Mae + (your name) = BFF"!

Think WE! Speaking Tour 2

Posted by Kaya Mae on August 9, 2011 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

So as you guys know, I emailed "Think WE!" and... This is what they said, because i'm sure you guys been waiting for this: "This Think We Tour is definitely in ***** ****** – nominate your school today!". Isnt that cool?! I was SO  SO  SO  SO  SO  SO  SO  SO SO  SO  happy! Tell me what you thought about this in the Comments! Till then, XOXO from kaya!

P.S see those stars there? You know what that place is right?

Think WE! Speaking Tour

Posted by Kaya Mae on August 7, 2011 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys! You're probably gonna get excited with this cool news I have. Ok, so, as you know there is a "Think WE!" -- a speaking tour and leadership program for students ages 8-14.But the thing is its only in North America! I have asked if Think WE! can do a speaking tour here in our City or nearby. Please pray they answer me saying "Yes"!.

From your dear friend,

Kaya Mae

School is OVER (part 2)

Posted by Kaya Mae on June 24, 2011 at 5:44 PM Comments comments (0)

I was really excited for the last day to come. I put on my Skinny Jeans, black Flats and I took a black bag I bought from Payless. I also brought a HUGE Paris Gallery bag incase I had lots of gifts. As I walked into the class, everyone screamed "RUQAYYAH!!!!". Anoud (my BFF) amd Lujayn ran up to me holding some bags. "This is for you!" said Lujayn, taking out a mug and keychain from City Plaza. Anoud made shirts for us all with our nicknames on it saying "2011", and "Best friends". I love it! When it was time for Anoud to leave, I couldnt take it anymore. Everyone started crying, and so did I, because I knew I would NEVER see her again and we were best friends! At the end of the day I came back home with LOTS of gifts!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!! <3333 with luv from Kaya:D

My party!!!

Posted by Kaya Mae on June 24, 2011 at 5:39 PM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday 23.7.11 I had a party to celebrate my graduation. All my friends came incuding Maryam and Khadijah!!! We had lots of fun. We also ate my cake, but i kept the hat. its made out of chocolate! my fave! I also want to thank everybody for all the gifts! <333

School is OVER

Posted by Kaya Mae on May 31, 2011 at 3:49 AM Comments comments (0)

After a long year of playing, dancing, singing, and having SO much fun w/ friends. The school year is finally over... :( Only one day left, and we will seperate! How can I seperate from my friends when I love them all?! Its going to be a REALLY sad day, i tell you. Well I will be posting soon about the party. STAY TUNED!!!! ;)

[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅] FROM Kaya, Mae


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